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Clark Elementary School mascot, the Clark Bee

Clark Elementary School is in the Belmont-Carlton neighborhood. It is named for Brigadier General George Rogers Clark, who was born in Albemarle County near the school[1]. It was named "George Rogers Clark School" instead of with only the Clark surname as to disambiguate between him and his more famous younger brother William Clark (of Lewis and Clark).

The school mascot is the bee. [2]


After Venable Elementary School opened in 1925, Dr. James G. Johnson began a project to construct another school to serve white students in southeast portion of the city (at the time, all Black students attended the Jefferson School). Paul Goodloe McIntire suggested to name the school after Gen. George Rogers Clark because "his services to Virginia and the nation are well known"[3]. McIntire's mother, Catherine A. Clarke, and his first wife, Edith Clark, were part of the larger Clarke/Clark family of Virginia. McIntire also funded the a statue of Clark on the grounds of the University of Virginia.

The construction of Clark Elementary was overseen by Dr. James G. Johnson, for whom Johnson Elementary School is named, and opened in 1931. The first principal was Florence Buford, for whom Buford Middle School is named.

As of 2013, the Charlottesville School Board is considering seeking individually protected property status for the Clark building. [4]


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Clark served as an officer in the Virginia Militia during the Revolutionary War and the Northwest Indian War (Little Turtle's War). In both of these conflicts, he primarily fought against Native American tribes allied with or led by the British. His family enslaved numerous individuals on their plantations. As a result of this history, in 2021, the Schools Naming Committee is reviewing the name as part of a system-wide review of facility names. [5] As of January 2023, the School Board voted to rename Clark Elementary to Summit Elementary, and, although a specific date has not been set, this change will likely take place as soon as Fall 2024.[6]


  • Principal: Anna Isley (Spring 2022-present)
  • Assistant Principal: Juanita Eddy (2021-present)



  • Anna Isley (2016-2020)
  • Rolando Tillman, Acting Principal (2020)
  • Dr. Kaye Thomas (August-October 2020), with Vice Principal Rolando Tillman
  • Kenny Leatherwood, Interim Principal (October 2020-2021), with Vice Principal Rolando Tillman
  • Mark Marini (2021-Spring 2022)
  • Anna Isley (Spring 2022-June 2022)
  • Carmelita Johnson (July 2022-Present)

The Five Bee's

  • Be Kind
  • Be Safe
  • Be Respectful
  • Be Responsible
  • Be a Thinker[2]

Parent-Teacher Organization

Clark has an active PTO that sponsors many events throughout the school year, including the Buzz By Belmont 5k Family Fun Run/Walk and Kids Dash to raise funds for the Clark Educational Opportunity Fund.[2] The Fund supports fourth-grade scholarships for Clark students and classroom grants for Clark teachers.[2]

Community Partnerships

In February 2012, University of Virginia students worked with Clark Elementary to implement a schoolyard garden. The garden is intended to work in-tandem with Clark's nutritional education classes.[8]



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