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The district and local elected officials for residents of the City of Charlottesville are:[1]

Members of the City Council

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  1. Wes Bellamy
  2. Kathy Galvin
  3. Heather Hill, vice-mayor
  4. Michael Signer
  5. Nikuyah Walker, mayor

Individual members of the Charlottesville City Council serve staggered, four-year terms. The mayor and vice-mayor are chosen by the City Council to serve for two years.

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Constitutional Officers

The Constitution of Virginia sets out the five locally-elected officials commonly referred to as “constitutional” officers. [2] Constitutional Officers are positions created by the Constitution of Virginia and the duties for each office are prescribed in The Code of Virginia. They perform governmental duties at the local level and the local governing body must fund a portion of each budget.

Each officer is an elected public official (not appointed by the City Manager or Council) with all but the Clerk having a four-year term of office. The Clerk has an eight-year term.

1. Sheriff James E. Brown III

2. Commonwealth’s Attorney Joseph D. Platania

3. [[Clerk of the Circuit Court (often just called "Clerk" but should not be confused with Clerk of the City Council) Llezelle A. Dugger

4. Commissioners of the Revenue Todd Divers

5. Treasurer Jason Vandever

The following three "un-elected" offices are extensions of the five elected Constitutional Officer:

  1. Sheriff - Regional Jail Officers
  2. Treasurer - Directors of Finance
  3. Commonwealth’s Attorney - Regional Drug Prosecutors

School Board Members

  1. James Bryant
  2. Sherry Kraft, Board vice Chair
  3. Lisa Larson-Torres
  4. Ned Michie (Interim) [3]
  5. Jennifer McKeever
  6. Leah Puryear
  7. Juandiego Wade, Board Chair

The Charlottesville City School Board is made up of seven members elected to at-large seats on November ballets. School board members serve four-year staggered terms that begin the following January. The chairperson and vice-chairperson are elected by the entire board to serve for one year.

Thomas Jefferson Soil and Water Conservation District Directors

See also: Thomas Jefferson Soil and Water Conservation District Directors

  1. Joe Thompson (appointed to succeed the late Bill Lucy)
  2. Clement (Kim) Tingley

Note: Local office holders elected at a November General Election, take office January 1. Elected bodies reorganize after that date, typically at their first regular meeting.

Other Elected Officials

State representatives

  • Delegate David J. Toscano represents the 57th district, made up of the city of Charlottesville and part of Albemarle County.
  • Senator Creigh Deeds has represents the 25th district which consists of Charlottesville and portions of Albemarle, Charlottesville, Rockbridge, Nelson, Alleghany, Buena Vista, Lexington, Covington, Bath, and Highland counties.

State delegates and senators are elected to the Virginia General Assembly.

U.S. Congress

Virginia's 5th District (VA5)
Virginia's 5th District (VA5)

Congressional representative Denver Riggleman represents Virginia’s Fifth District in the U.S. House of Representatives which includes Charlottesville and the city of Danville as well as 18 entire counties and portions of 3 counties. Covering just over 10,181 square miles, the Fifth District is larger in area than six US states.

Senate of Virginia

Senator Mark Warner and Senator Tim Kaine represent the Commonwealth of Virginia in the U.S. Senate


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