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The City Manager, appointed by the City Council, is the Chief Executive Officer for the City of Charlottesville. This office is responsible for implementing the policies and directives of the City Council throughout the various City departments and agencies.

City Manager

The City Manager is appointed by the City Council and serves at the pleasure of the governing body and acts as the City’s Chief Executive Officer. The City Council delegates broad administrative power to the City Manager subject to its review. Qualifications, powers and duties of the City Manager are provided for in the City Charter.

Mike Murphy retired as Deputy City Manager in December 2019. [2]

City departments and agencies

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The city manager form of government dates back to September 1, 1922. Three councilors were elected that year followed by two more in 1923. [3] Prior to that, Charlottesville had a strong-mayor form of government with a bicameral legislature consisting of a Board of Alderman and a Common Council. [4]

However the position of city manager was created in 1913. [5]

Richardson so far

One of Richardson's first personnel decision was to seek a new deputy city manager position that would serve as a chief operating officer. [6]

In July, he named a new administrative team. Mike Murphy would remain as Deputy City Manager, overseeing services. Leslie Beauregard was made interim deputy city manager for finance and administration. Paul Oberdorfer was named interim deputy city manager for operations. All three were to report to Letitia Shelton, the deputy city manager and chief operating officer. [7]

Beauregard announced she was leaving the position soon after the revamp. Richardson's arrival. [8]Parks Director Brian Daly left the city in October 2019 and was replaced on an interim basis by Todd Brown. [9]

In September 2019, Richardson announced at a budget work session that the city would explore building a new administrative center to consolidate school and general government offices. A request for proposals for a location and logistics study was released in mid-October, but canceled two days later.

Council held its first performance evaluation with Dr. Richardson on October 26, 2019 in a four-hour closed door work session. [10]

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Council grew concerned about Richardson's hiring of Shelton without community input. On December 2, 2019 Council will consider a charter amendment to require more oversight in the future. [11]

City Managers of the City of Charlottesville

Name Service
Hubert A. Stecker 1917
W. Washabaugh[12] 1922
Boyd Bennett 1943-1945
Seth Burnley 19xx-1948 Left in June 1948 to become city manager of Staunton
James E. Bowen[13] 1948-
Cole Hendrix[14] 1971-1996
Gary B. O'Connell 1995-2010
Maurice Jones 2010-2018
Mike Murphy, interim [15] 2018-2019
Tarron Richardson 2019-present

City Manager Searches

2018 and 2019 search for a new manager

Round One Interviews

Thirty-seven people applied for the position. Council held a special meeting on February 20 to interview candidates. [16]

Round Two Interviews

Council settled on three finalists who were to be interviewed on public on March 6, 2019. They are:[17]

2010 Search for a new manager

Gary O'Connell stepped down as city manager in April 2010. After a search, three finalists were named including Jones. The other two candidates are East Providence Rhode Island City Manager Richard Brown and Columbia Missouri Assistant City Manager Paula Hertwig Hopkins[19].


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