Christopher J. Dumler

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Christopher J. Dumler

Electoral District Scottsville
Term Start 2012
Term End 2013
Preceded by Lindsay G. Dorrier, Jr.
Succeeded by William "Petie" Craddock

Biographical Information

Date of birth April 22, 1985
Age 38
Residence Scottsville
Alma mater Georgia Tech
Univ. of Virginia Law School
Profession Attorney
Website Campaign website
Campaign $ VPAP
Contributions $ VPAP

Christopher J. Dumler resigned from the Board of Supervisors on June 5, 2013, ending a 17-month tenure that was embroiled in controversy following his arrest on sexual assault charges.[1]

Dumler was elected to the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors in 2011 to represent the Scottsville Magisterial District where he has lived since 2006.[2][3] He runs an independent law practice in the town of Scottsville.

Dumler has lived in the Scottsville Magisterial District since graduating from college in 2006.[3] He has been a resident of the town of Scottsville since May 2010.[3]

On October 18, 2012, Dumler was arrested by Albemarle County police and charged with one count of forcible sodomy.[4] He later plead guilty to misdemeanor Sexual Battery and was sentenced to 30 days in jail.[5] Dumler continues to represent the Scottsville Magesterial District despite protests at board meetings and calls for his resignation.[6] He only resigned following the end of the petition process.[1]


Dumler graduated from Georgia Institute of Technology with a degree in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering with highest honors. In 2009, he graduated from the University of Virginia Law School.

Community involvement

Dumler was very active in the community. He was appointed by the Board of Supervisors to the Board of Region Ten Community Services, which he also served as Chairman of the Finance and Fundraising Committees.[7] He also served on the Albemarle County Natural Heritage Committee,[8] and as Counsel for the Albemarle County Democratic Committee.[9] In addition to his involvement with county-wide organizations, Dumler served the town of Scottsville on its Board of Zoning Appeals[10] and Government Services Committee. He is a member of the Scottsville Chamber of Commerce. He is on the Advisory Council of the Legal Aid Justice Center.[11]

Dumler is a volunteer firefighter and an Eagle Scout.

Military service

Dumler currently serves as a Captain in the United States Army Judge Advocate General Corps Reserve.

Sexual Battery Conviction

Dumler was arrested and charged with forcible sodomy shortly after midnight on October 18, 2012.[4] After spending two nights in jail, he was released after fellow Democrat Cynthia Neff posted a $50,000 bond.[12] Dumler retained attorney Andrew Sneathern and issued a statement in late October saying he would offer a "vigorous defense" of the charge.[13] On November 13, his attorney Andrew Sneathern filed a motion to squash a search warrant police filed to search a laptop and iPad for evidence.[14] After this first charge, two additional complainants came forward accusing Dumler of sexual abuse. Dumler plead guilty to a misdemeanor charge of sexual battery on January 31, 2013, and spent 30 days in jail. He was ordered to undergo a sexual evaluation. The plea bargain stipulates that no further charges will be brought against Dumler for these two complainants. His choice to plea guilty to misdemeanor sexual battery will allow him to continue to serve on the Board of Supervisors.[5] Dumler applied to serve his 30 day sentence on weekends throughout an extended period - his request was granted. On March 8, 2013, Dumler reported to the Albemarle Charlottesville Regional Jail to spend his first weekend in jail.[15] Despite calls from his fellow supervisors and protesters who had attended board meetings to demand his resignation, Dumler insisted that he would continue to represent the Scottsville District.[6] Other entities calling for Dumler's resignation include both the Albemarle and Charlottesville Democratic parties,[16] the Sexual Assault Resource Agency,[17] and all other members of the Board of Supervisors.[18] Scottsville District resident Earl Smith submitted a legal petition to the Albemarle Circuit court asking a judge to remove Dumler from the Board of Supervisors.[19] The petition case was dismissed on June 1, 2013. However, Dumler resigned shortly thereafter, explaining that he had been holding out for the petition's dismissal because he didn't want to give it "the appearance of validity."[1]

2011 election for Board of Supervisors

Candidates Votes %
Christopher J. Dumler (D) (winner) 2,007 53.96
James C. Norwood (R) 1,708 45.92
Write-In 4 0.10
Source: State Board of Elections[20]

Christopher Dumler was elected to represent the Scottsville Magisterial District on the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors[21] He ran against James C. Norwood. Three weeks after announcing his candidacy for the position on June 11, 2011, Dumler raised over $10,000, out-raising his opponent 10:1, from over 85 individual donors, becoming the supervisor candidate with the highest number of donors.

He had received the endorsement of the Piedmont Group of the Sierra Club.[22]

  • Press conference announcing transportation policy platform - Sept. 12, 2011

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Download from this page


Candidate Profile Resources
Candidate Christopher J. Dumler (D) - Challenger
Office Albemarle Board of Supervisors, Scottsville District
Election year 2011 election
Logo-small25.jpg Candidate interviews by Charlottesville Tomorrow
Candidate interview transcript
Candidate interview audio

Source website

Videos from Dumler campaign

Christopher J. Dumler's twitter feed (not written by cvillepedia contributors):


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