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Front view of Christ Episcopal Church. Photo from Bandcamp.
CHRIST PROTESTANT EPISCOPAL CHURCH – as it was to appear when completed. Located at 120 W. High Street, corner of W. High and 2nd St. NW. The towers illustrated in this architectural rendering (ca. 1906) were never completed. The church was begun in 1895 and replaced an earlier church which faced in the opposite direction, toward Jefferson Street.

Christ Episcopal Church, founded in 1820, was Charlottesville's first consecrated church.[1] Prior to its consecration, church services were held in the Albemarle County Courthouse. [2]

It was listed on the Virginia Landmarks Register on March 2, 1971 and the National Register of Historic Places on July 2, 1971. [3]

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Narrative from Virginia Landmarks Registry

"The influence of Thomas Jefferson’s interpretation of classical architecture is demonstrated in numerous Piedmont buildings erected by master carpenters and masons he had employed at the University of Virginia. No more engaging example of the Jeffersonian idiom survives than this small but sophisticated country church erected in 1831-32 in southern Albemarle County. Called by Bishop William Meade a “neat and excellent brick church,” the building is the work of William B. Phillips, a Jeffersonian workman who designed and built a variety of houses and public buildings in his mentor’s mode. A hallmark of Phillips’s buildings is his near flawless Flemish bond brickwork, especially conspicuous at Christ Church. Phillips’s mastery of the classical vocabulary is evident in the academically correct Doric entablature and in the temple-form proportions of the building itself. The church continues to serve the active St. Anne’s parish."


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