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The Charlottesville Regional Chamber of Commerce was founded in 1913. [1]

Elizabeth Cromwell became the new president on October 1, 2018. [citation needed]

Board of Directors, 2015[2]

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The Chamber occasionally organizes and pays for trips to other communities. In October 2012, nineteen individuals traveled to Burlington, Vermont for a "journey of learning." They included Cheri Lewis of the Planning Commission, Mike Gaffney and Maurice Cox. Cox said a City Council meeting early in 2003 that Charlottesville could learn a lot from Burlington, and Richards said the community has a lot more power under Vermont law to mandate creation of affordable housing. However, Councilor Rob Schilling pointed out the Vermont city had a tax rate twice that of Charlottesville. [3]


2012 Board of Directors[4]

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The chamber has played a role in economic development in the region for decades. In 1929, the chamber was assisting efforts to attract a rayon plant to the community. [6]

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