Charlottesville City Council's November 5, 2018 regular meeting

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This article is an effort to present recorded votes on various high-interest issues brought before the 2018 Charlottesville City Council on November 5, 2018 at their regular meeting.

Agenda items for this meeting, as well as the on-demand video archive, can be found on the the City Council's official website.[1] The City's Official Minutes of the Meeting can also be found on the City Council's website.

Equity Fund Allocation to New Hill Development Corporation: $500,000

Agenda item No. 4 | Resolution | 1st of 1 reading | Issue: Nonprofit

This item would authorize $500,000 to a start-up nonprofit, New Hill Development Corporation to conduct financial training programs and draft a small area plan for the Starr Hill neighborhood, including the former historical community of Vinegar Hill, towards building Charlottesville’s African-American middle class. The donation agreement requires New Hill to provide three-and six-month updates to the city council. This requested allocation is 30% of the Council Reserve Fund for Racial Equity and Engagement, which the council created on December 18 2017. Before this vote, the fund’s balance was $1.53 million [2][3][4]

Vote motion passed.png on a 4-1 vote

Interim Regulations for Bicycle and E-Scooter Sharing System

Agenda item No. 6 | Report/Resolution | 1st of 1 reading | Issue: Transportation Dockless bikes and scooters

This item creates a pilot program to test dockless bike share in Charlottesville and a permitting process for permanent operations. This regulation includes creation of parking corrals in certain areas throughout the commercial district (such as the Corner, West Main Street and the Downtown Mall). The program will begin on November 13, 2018 and run for about eight months until July 31, 2019.[5]

Vote motion passed.png on a 5-0 vote

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