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The Charlottesville Commonwealth's Attorney is an elected position responsible for overseeing the prosecution of criminal cases (felonies and misdemeanors) for the Commonwealth of Virginia. Attorneys in the office are responsible for assisting victims of any crime which occurs in the City of Charlottesville[1].

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Commonwealth's Attorney (locally elected constitutional officer)

Staff members (appointees)

Note: Staff members are neither state nor local employees, they are appointees of a locally elected constitutional officer and serve at the will and pleasure of that officer, concurrent with his or her term of office.[2]

Deputy Charlottesville City Commonwealth's Attorney

Senior-Assistant Charlottesville City Commonwealth's Attorney

Assistant Charlottesville City Commonwealth's Attorney

Administrative Assistants

  • Connie Eddins
  • Sissy Leatherwood

Former Charlottesville City Commonwealth's Attorneys

Former staff members


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