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Charlottesville's Capital Improvement Program refers to the plans, budgets and actualizes capital and non-capital improvement projects related to buildings owned by the City and City Schools. It is one of several funds in the city's budget.

"The Capital Improvement Program Fund is used to account for all financial resources that are needed in the acquisition or construction of capital assets. Revenues for this fund are obtained from bond issues, a transfer from the General Fund (City/County Revenue Sharing), a contribution from the City Schools for their small capital projects program, and contributions from Albemarle County for shared projects." [1]

Examples of Projects

Government Facilities

School Facilities

Contingency fund

The CIP also has a fund that can be used by City Council for various reasons throughout the year.


The Planning Commission held a work session on November 26, 2019 at which they expressed frustration they had not been involved in the development of the draft CIP for FY2021. [4]


Description Expenditures Credits Balance
Ending Balance as of 6/30/2014 $1,998,791.18
Adopted FY15 CIP - use of FY13 fund balance surplus funds $1,000,000.00 $998,791.18
708 Page Street Appropriation (approved 7/7/14) $259,400.95 $739,390.23
McIntire / Harris Roundabout study (approved 10/6/14) $44,836.00 $694,554.23
Firing range resolution (approved 11/3/14) $351,225.00 $343,329.23
TJPDC - repayment of loan (approved 12/15/14) $300,000.00 $643,329.23
General District Dourt Resolution (approved 12/15/14) $7,435.00 $635,894.23
FY14 General Fund surplus $972,595.00 $1,608,489.23
Light survey for Downtown and University Avenue (approved 12/15/14) $97,366.50 $1,511,122.73
Sale of land on Cherry Avenue and Ridge Street at William Taylor Plaza (approved 12/15/14) $312,782.04 $1,823,904.77
Old Lynchburg Road return of funds (approved 2/2/15) $850,000.00 $2,673,904.77
Affordable Housing / Tonsler Park Resolution (2/17/15) $312,782.04 $2,361,122.73
Smith Aquatic Center Project (approved 6/15/15) $150,000.00 $2,211,122.73


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