Albemarle and Charlottesville County Courthouse Historic District

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The Albemarle and Charlottesville County Courthouse Historic District, located in downtown Charlottesville, was added to the Virginia Landmarks Register on January 18, 1972 and the National Register of Historic Places on June 30, 1972.

The district is located within the larger Charlottesville and Albemarle County Courthouse Historic District. [1]

A map drawn by Floyd E. Johnson around 1940 of what Charlottesville's Court Square may have looked like in 1828


Western boundary: eastern side of Fourth Street Southern boundary: the rear property lines of the lots facing into the south side of East Jefferson Street between Fourth Street and Sixth Street Eastern boundary: the rear property lines of the lots facing onto the west side of Park Street between E. Jefferson Street and High Street, including 220-224 Court Square Northern boundary: Southern side of High Street between Park Street and Fourth Street [1]

Info from the NHRP nomination form

"The Court Square preservation zone is composed of a rectangular green bounded on the southern and eastern sides by streets lined with detached early and mid-nineteenth century brick houses and public buildings as well as structures of a later date."

Notable buildings include the Albemarle County courthouse, the Redland Club (on the location of the former Swan Tavern), the Levy Opera House and the Eagle Tavern (100 Court Square).

"The Court House, being the property of the County, was located outside the original town limits, adjacent to the northern boundary. Initially Court Square was laid out to imitate an English Green, encircled by houses, not streets. The impracticality of the plan proved too great and streets were soon cut along each of the four sides."

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