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1762 is the year in which Charlottesville was chartered as a town in the Colony of Virginia. City Council has set aside $50,000 for a celebration of Charlottesville's 250th Anniversary to mark the event in 2012. Staff, Ric Barrick have been meeting with community leaders and potential partners to discuss how to proceed with the celebration.[1] The target date for a celebration is November 12, 2012, the 250th anniversary of the drafting of Charlottesville's charter. In Charlottesville's 2011-12 budget an additional $25,000 was set aside for the celebration to be matched equally by private contributions.[2]

Becky Clay Christensen is the facilitator for the city the process of preparing for Charlottesville's 250th Anniversary, which will have the theme "a Year of Stories."[2]

As part of Celebrate 250!, a logo will be featured on everything – exhibits, displays, banners, posters, and signs. The logo was created by the talents of Rick Bickhart, a local graphic designer who donated his time and talents for the event.

1962 Time Capsule

Part of the celebration will involved digging up a time capsule that was buried for the 200th anniversary in 1962. The location for this time capsule was never marked on any map nor was any marker placed to denote its precise location. Through the assistance of NAEVA Geophysics, Inc. the location had been narrowed down. Extraction occurred on May 27of 2012. Steven G. Meeks of the Albemarle Charlottesville Historical Society says it is buried near Charlottesville's circuit court. Old photographs were used to narrow down the location of the capsule. Once opened, it was clear the contents had been compromised. Water had infiltrated the capsule rendering most of the documents unreadable.[3] The recognizable items included a Daily Progress newspaper, a the Richmond Times-Dispatch, a damaged commemorative plate featuring Thomas Jefferson, rusted bicentennial buttons and coins, two tape reels and a black bowtie worn by The Order of the Cavaliers.[3] A new time capsule with a marker will be buried on December 23, 2012 - the date Charlottesville's charter was signed by the colonial governor.[2]

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Steering Committee

Committee members announced October 6, 2010[4]

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