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The Center for Cultural Landscapes at the University of Virginia is an interdisciplinary group of anthropologists, historians, landscape architects, architects and planners.


  • Cultural Atlas
  • Reinterpreting the Pollocks Branch Watershed: This is not a design project and not a master plan and the public is not being engaged. "It's really more about fine-tuning a process and the legacy of the Halprins," said Rob McGinness of the Center at the November 12, 2015 meeting of the PLACE Design Task Force. [citation needed] McGinness also said this complements the Strategic Investment Area but will be more about the entire area of the pipe. This project is seeking to also work with the Walkable Watersheds project. McGinness was unsure if the project would work with the Piedmont Housing Alliance as they engage with their residents and the greater public about the redevelopment of Friendship Court.


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