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Catherine Burke Sweet was a Rhodes scholar during the first year the Rhodes scholarship allowed women to apply.

Time at the University of Virginia

While at the University of Virginia, Sweet was an Echols scholar majoring in government and foreign affairs. She was also involved in a variety of athletic activities, including track, fencing, squash, and the rifle club. Sweet was awarded the Rhodes scholarship in 1977. She was the 38th UVA student to have become a Rhodes scholar.[1]

Career in the United Kingdom

With the Rhodes scholarship, Sweet studied at Oxford University and earned a master’s degree and a doctorate in international relations. She went on to become the head of public affairs for the London Stock Exchange. She was also the head of parliamentary affairs for the British Bankers Association. She later worked as a senior lecturer in public relations and communications at Southampton Solent University in the United Kingdom.[1][2] While at Solent, Sweet led a group of students in the “eBook in a day” project. This 2014 project aimed to “explore and report on new forms of public relations communication.”[3] Students planned for the project for about a month and produced it in a single day on March 26th.[4][5] This project was again completed in 2015 by Public Relations students led by Sweet. By the end of March of the respective years, the produced eBook was published by Solent Press.[4][6]

When Sweet arrived in the UK, she hoped to stay there in order to “pursue a truly international career.”[1] Upon completing her education at Oxford, she did not return to the United States and settled in the UK. She currently continues to reside in England.[7]

Frances Brand portrait

Catherine Burke as depicted by Frances Brand

Sweet is one of several people commemorated by the late 20th-century artist Frances Brand as part of her Firsts series.


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