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Charles E. Moran c. 1937

Charles E. “Chick” Moran, Sr. (March 14, 1883-April 10, 1959) was Charlottesville Clerk of Court from 1915 to 1958. Mr. Moran was appointed to fill the unexpired term of George F. Compton.

Mr. Moran was appointed deputy under George F. Compton who began his term of eight years on February 1, 1915. Through failing heath, Mr. Compton was obliged to give up the practice working of the office. Mr. Moran, his deputy, took up the duties for him. At the latter’s death on July 12, 1916, he was appointed to fill the unexpired position of Mr. Compton’s term.

Brother of Miss Sarepta Moran.

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