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A business improvement district is a specific geographic area within a community where property owners are levied an additional tax that goes for a specific purpose. The idea has been raised in Charlottesville on at least two occasions but one has not yet materialized.


Mayor Maurice Cox raised the idea at a budget work session on March 12, 2003. He said money raised could go to pay for mall improvements. [1]

2012 - 2015

In the fall of 2014, the Downtown Business Association of Charlottesville began investigating the creation of a Business Improvement District|business improvement district]] to help raise revenue to pay for additional services in and around the Downtown Mall. [2] Bob Stroh read a letter to Council on February 17, 2015. That night the idea was championed by Jim Neale, Ludwig Kuttner, Wes Bellamy and Louis Schultz. [3] However, the DBAC withdrew the idea in March 2015. [4]


The idea was to levy a 13-cent property tax on land and buildings around the mall. However, the concept drew the opposition of many landowners. [5]

City's community improvement district

The City of Charlottesville had previously discussed the idea in December 2012. Economic development director Chris Engel documented city history on the issue in a memo. [6]


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