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Front view of Burley High School. Photo by WVIR.

Jackson P. Burley High School was an Albemarle County public high school that opened as in 1950 to educate African-American students.

The school was the result of a vote to consolidate Esmont High School, Jefferson High School and the Albemarle Training School. A city-county committee studied the idea in the summer of 1948. [1]

In the mid-20th century, Jackson P. Burley sold a 17-acre tract of land on Rose Hill Drive to the City of Charlottesville for the construction of a school for Black students from across the region. It is now Albemarle County's Burley Middle School. [2]

The school was repurposed and renamed Burley Middle School in 1974. The school's memory and legacy is curated and nurtured by the nonprofit Burley Varsity Club. [3] [4]

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A memorial to the school's status as the only area high school for African-Americans was dedicated in October 2017. The memorial lists the names of everyone who attended the school from 1951 to 1967. [5]

In October of 2020, the Virginia Department of Historic Resources added the school to the state's historic register.[6]

On September 6, 2011, Charlottesville granted the honorary street name "Jackson P. Burley" to the portion of Rose Hill Drive from Preston Avenue to Madison Avenue.[7] [8]


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