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The Bridge Progressive Arts Initiative is a small, non-profit art gallery located near the Belmont Bridge that uses its presence in Charlottesville to affect change in the community. According to their website, the goal is to to be a "creative hub that uses art and design as a vehicle for civic engagement." [1]


The Bridge Progressive Arts Initiative was founded in 2004 by Zach Worrell and Greg Antrim Kelly to serve as a place for small-scale exhibits. [2]

Matthew Slaats served as executive director from 2013 to July 2016. [3] Alan Goffinski served as Interim Director starting in December 2016 and was appointed the new Executive Director in June 2017. [4] He will be leaving in the spring of 2022 to take a position as a radio producer at WNYC. [citation needed]



Board of Director

  • Carrie Worrell, President
  • Elvira Hoskins, Secretary
  • Aaron Flynn, Treasurer
  • Bryce Fletcher
  • Rachel Thielmann
  • Sophie Zunz

Former Board Members

Notable events

The Bridge PAI managed a $50,000 Our Town grant from the National Endowment for the Arts. City Council questioned how the money was being spent in early 2016. [6]

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