Brian Pinkston

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Brian Pinkston
2021-Pinkson, Brian.JPG
Candidate, 2021
Party Democrat

Biographical Information

Place of birth Albany, Georgia [1]
Residence Locust Grove neighborhood
Alma mater Georgia Tech, degree in mechanical engineering, 1994

Biola University, Los Angeles Master's Degree, 2004
University of Virginia, PhD in Philosophy, 2012

Profession Project Manager
Campaign $ VPAP
Contributions $ VPAP

Brian Pinkston was elected to Charlottesville City Council on November 2, 2021. [2] [3] [4]

Pinkston was a candidate for the Democratic nomination for the Charlottesville City Council in the June 11, 2019 primary. [5]

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Pinkston is a project manager at the University of Virginia. His job title is Associate Director for Planning, Project Services, and Facilities Management. [6]

He grew up in Georgia and graduated from Georgia Tech with a degree in mechanical engineering in 1994. He received a master’s degree from Biola University in Los Angeles in 2004 and completed a doctorate in philosophy at UVa in 2012. He formerly served as chair of the board of directors of the Region Ten Community Services Board.

2021 election

Pinkston ran for one of three open seats on the council in 2019 but did not secure enough votes during the Democratic primary to make the ballot. This time around, he said he is confident that his varied skills and previous experience running for office will propel him to the ballot.

2021 election

Pinkston announced his candidacy on February 3, 2021.[7]

Candidates Votes %
Juandiego Wade (D) 11,730 42.51
Brian Pinkston (D) 10,161 36.82
Yasmine Washington (I) 3,482 12.62
Nikuyah Walker (I) 1,928 6.99
Write-In 292 1.06
Source: Virginia State Board of Elections[8]

Voters could cast two votes, one for each of the two seats available, hence the percentages do not total 100%. Walker withdrew from the race but was still listed on the ballot

2019 election

Pinkston made his formal announcement on February 6, 2019 at the Haven. [9] He placed fourth in the five-way race. Pinkston's slogan is "A Voice for the Common Good." [10]

At a campaign forum on February 23 sponsored by LauraPAC, Pinkston suggested his work as a project manager would help him find solutions. [11]

Primary results

Candidates Votes %
Michael Payne (D) 3,657 24.98
Lloyd Snook (D) 3,501 23.91
Sena Magill (D) 3,183 21.74
Brian Pinkston (D) 3,073 20.99
Bob Fenwick (D) 1,277 8.38
Source: Virginia State Board of Elections[12]

  • Voters could select up to three candidate


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