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The Blue Ridge Swim Club is an 100-yard-long, spring-fed, chlorine-free pool located in Ivy.


The property was developed by R. Warner Wood in 1909 as part of the Blue Ridge Camp, part of a movement towards youth camps in the early 20th century.

The 100-yard by 10-yard concrete pool was built by at least 1913 and is fed by a branch of Ivy Creek. It has been used continuously since it was first opened. [1]

In February 2011, the club was purchased by Todd Barnett, the owner of the Field Camp. [2] The Albemarle County Planning Commission approved a takeover by the Field Camp on February 21, 2011. [3] [4]

The property is on the Virginia Landmarks Register. It was listed on the VLR on March 19, 2015 and the National Register on May 19, 2015. [5]

Narrative from the Virginia Landmarks Register

"Albemarle County’s Blue Ridge Swim Club property was originally developed in 1909 as part of a 200-plus acre Blue Ridge Camp for boys. The 12.1-acre wooded, park-like setting with landscaped pathways features a swimming pool built in 1913 that is 100-yards long and 10-yards wide. At the time of its listing it was among the oldest known commercial concrete outdoor swimming pools in Virginia and the nation. (Only two older concrete pools had been documented in the U.S at the time of listing, both in Colorado. They are Glenwood Hot Springs, built in 1888, and Eldorado Springs, built in 1906.) The Blue Ridge Swim Club has maintained its recreational use from the time of its construction through the present day, making it a rare surviving example from an important period in the development of outdoor recreation in Virginia."


Coordinates:Erioll world.svg.png 38°04′24″N 78°35′20″W / 38.073298°N 78.588982°W / 38.073298; -78.588982


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