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Blue Mountain Brewery opened in 2007. Founders Taylor and Mandi Smack and Matt Nucci.

  • Blue Mountain Brewery & Brewpub: 9519 Critzers Shop Road, Afton, Virginia
A brewpub located on Nelson County's Route 151 in Afton, VA. Opened in October 2007[1], they produce 80,000 gallons of beer per year on-site, and grow their own hops for their Full Nelson pale ale[2]. Their menu includes appetizers, pizzas, burgers, salads and desserts, and their bread is made fresh daily by local producer Goodwin Creek Farm.
  • Barrel House: 495 Cooperative Way, Arrington (Nelson County), Virginia
A larger production-minded facility with almost tenfold capacity of the brewery in Afton, opened after 2011. Barrel House tasting room with inside seating, outdoor seating with a fire pit and lawn games. Food truck from April through November.


Blue Mountain Brewery is a member of Virginia Green, a campaign to promote environmentally-friendly practices in Virginia’s tourism industry[3]. As part of this program, they irrigate their hop farm with rain barrels and treat their brewery effluent before using it in farming.



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