Bike/Ped Bridge at Berkmar

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Bike/Ped Bridge at Berkmar

Project Overview
Cost estimate $2,405,000
Timing Future (dependent on adjacent redevelopment)
Potential funding sources Smart Scale; Revenue Sharing; Transportation Alternatives
Next meeting None

Status Update

A bicycle and pedestrian bridge is one of several transformative projects called for in the Rio Road Small Area Plan. [1]

This project supports the plan's vision of Connectivity and Conservation.

Description from plan

"A bicycle/pedestrian bridge over Route 29 and south of the GSI can be provided between [[Fashion Square Mall]] and 29th Place Shopping Center. The topography will allow an at-grade crossing on the Fashion Square Mall side to provide ease of access to pedestrians and bicyclists. The crossing should include landscaping, artwork, or other visual elements that provide a pleasant and interesting environment for pedestrians and cyclists."


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