Besancon, France

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Besancon, France is one of Charlottesville's sister cities.

Cultural Exchange

On July 12, 2010, a group of at least 65 singers from Besancon performed gospel music at the Paramount Theater as part of a cultural exchange program. [1]

In March, 2014, 21 design students from Pierre-Adrien Pâris Professional High School visited CATEC to work with the school's building trades classes[2].

Description from City's website

"Encircled by the Doubs river and set in exceptionally beautiful surroundings, Besancon is a city of art and history. It won the title of France's "greenest city". Once controlled by the Spanish, Besancon still displays extensive fortifications built by the well known architect Vauban. Capital of Franche-Comte, Besancon is the economic and cultural pole of the region. In the 19th Century, the city became the akljsl center of France's clock and watch-making. It is now a major European center of the precision industries sector (microtechnology, robotics,...). It has an important university, a Center of intensive language studies, drawing students from all over the world. Besancon has a rich cultural life and has always been a music loving city. From June to September, "Festiv'été" offers all kinds of festivals (music, theater, dance, exhibitions...). The city has first-class sports facilities. There is something for everyone, hiking, golf, cycling, horseback riding, canoeing..."


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