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Berkmar Overlook is a proposed development in Albemarle County's development area that would build 71 single-family attached new units. The project will be located between Woodburn Road and Berkmar Drive. [1]

The document # for the site development plan is SDP201900010.

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Collins Engineering submitted a site development proposal for the land in March 2019. The developer could get 56 units by-right on the R-6 zoning but has opted to take advantage of provisions in Albemarle County's code that allow for additional density. Eight units were to be designated as "affordable" under Albemarle's affordable housing policy, which grants a bonus of another eight market-rate units. The site development plan also proposes an additional 3 units for preserving existing trees on the property.

However, because the Comprehensive Plan designates the property as Office/Research & Development/Flex, the bonus units cannot be applied. Staff notified engineer Scott Collins of this in a letter dated April 19, 2019. [2]



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