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Bentivar is a 19th century structure in Albemarle County listed on the Virginia Landmarks Register and the National Register of Historic Places. It was listed on the VLR on December 1, 2004 and the National Register on April 20, 2005. [1]

Narrative from Virginia Landmarks Registry

"Built by Garland Carr of the prominent Carr family of Albemarle County, Bentivar is a one-story, double-pile brick residence with an English basement and clerestory attic. Documents indicate the original house burned and a new one was built in the 1830s, designed by notable architect and builder Thomas R. Blackburn. An interesting construction detail is revealed above the ceilings and below the floors of the main level where intermediate boards at mid-joist level carry several inches of clay, supposedly for insulation and fire protection. This measure could well have been installed as a response to the 1830 fire. Also contributing to the nearly 20-acre property’s historic significance is a stone structure, a family cemetery, and an ice pit that was originally 35-feet deep, 20-feet wide."

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