Bellamy Brown

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Bellamy Brown

Independent Candidate for Charlottesville City Council
Party Independent
For term to start January 2020
Term End January 2023

Biographical Information

Campaign $ VPAP
Contributions $ VPAP

Bellamy Brown is a Charlottesville native who was an independent candidate for Charlottesville City Council in the 2019 election. He placed 4th in a six-way race. [1]

In February 2021, he became chair of the Charlottesville Police Civilian Review Board. [2] He resigned that seat to become a candidate for the Democratic nomination for House District 54. [3]

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2019 election


Brown's candidacy was at the center of a controversy among the city's Democratic party when incumbent Councilor Mike Signer, a Democrat, donated to his campaign. The husband of Democratic Councilor Heather Hill also contributed to Brown. [4] The party's bylaws threatened expulsion for any member who did not support the Democratic nominee in a general election.

Councilor/Mayor Nikuyah Walker, an independent politician, also publicly feuded with Brown during the election cycle. [5][6]

General election results

Candidates Votes %
Sena Magill (D) 8,420 25.97
Lloyd Snook (D) 8,133 25.08
Michael Payne (D) 7,816 24.10
Bellamy Brown (I) 5,736 17.69
Paul Long (I) 1,253 3.86
John Edward Hall (I) 837 2.58
Write-In 232 0.72
Source: State Board of Elections[7]

Each voter could vote for up to three candidates.

2023 General Assembly primary race

Candidates Votes %
Katrina Callsen (D) 5,847 47.3%
Dave Norris (D) 4,118 33.3%
Bellamy Brown (D) 2,391 19.4%
Source: Virginia Department of Elections [8]
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