Arden Place

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Arden Place

Albemarle County
County Area Neighborhood 2
Location Rio Road
& Putt Putt Pl
Type R-15 Apartments
Lot Size 19.03 acres
Residential units Up to 212
Development Firm Coleway Development
Application # SDP2009-00009

Arden Place is a multifamily apartment complex under construction by Coleway Development for undeveloped land between Rio Road and the Woodbrook neighborhood, adjacent to Putt Putt Place and Mallside Forest Apartments. It was developed by-right as opposed to going through a rezoning.

Project history

A preliminary site development plan was considered by Albemarle County Planning Commission on June 23, 2009. The developer sought deferral after 30 Woodbrook residents spoke out against proposed trail connections at the meeting. [1]

A revised preliminary site plan was approved by the Albemarle County Planning Commission on September 8, 2009.[2][3]

The Board of Supervisors approved the site plan on Nov. 4 2009, and included a trail to connect the development to Woodbrook. [4]

However, the board reconsidered that connection in April 2010 and voted to change their mind[5]. The neighborhood was enraged when Coleway built the trail further than authorized by the county. After some discussion, Coleway agreed to remove the trail. [6] This was done in December 2011. [7]



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