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Major Allen Howard (c.1704 – 1761) was an early settler of Albemarle County. He is the namesake of Howardsville.


Howard was born in Virginia around 1704.

At some point, Howard moved onto the territory of modern Albemarle County, being granted a patent for 400 acres of land along the James River on both sides of its confluence with the Rockfish River in 1730. In 1742, he patented more than 2,000 acres of land along the lower waters of the Rockfish. Howard would become one of the principal founders of the town of Howardsville alongside other families such as the Andersons, Jordans, Cabells, and Childresses.

Howard was present at the official organization of Albemarle County in 1745, being sworn in as one of the original magistrates of the new entity. He soon after helped scout a potential location for the Albemarle County Courthouse alongside Peter Jefferson and Charles Lynch. Howard also served as a burgess in the assemblies of 17521755 and 1758–1761.[1]

Howard died on January 24, 1761.

Family and ancestry

Howard married Elizabeth Moss at some point before 1730, having several children with her.


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