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Albemarle Responsible Citizens’ Alliance organized and launched a website in May 2011.[1]

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"Albemarle Responsible Citizens’ Alliance is a non-partisan group of citizens dedicated to preserving and improving our quality of life in Albemarle County: a place rich in history, with extraordinary natural beauty, vital agriculture heritage, clean waterways, world-class educational system, and opportunities for recreational and cultural enjoyment. Albemarle residents value and expect excellent schools, safe communities, sound infrastructure, quality employment, high-quality services, common-sense local government, civic engagement and responsive leadership."

"ARCA supports those policies that maintain and improve these essential aspects of Albemarle County. We are committed to ensuring that the shared values and expectations of Albemarle residents are reflected in the decisions of local government."[2]


In June 2011, the Albemarle Responsible Citizens’ Alliance called for public support for environmental stewardship and long-range regional planning efforts, specifically, support for the Livable Communities Project, a three-year federal grant supported effort for joint planning by the city of Charlottesville and the University of Virginia.[3]


Board members[4]


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