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The Albemarle Housing Improvement Program (AHIP) was founded in 1976 to assist low-income Albemarle County residents obtain safe and secure housing. As of, the program has over 400 families on its waiting list. [1]

History of the organization

When Hurricane Camille struck central Virginia in 1969, volunteers helped rehabilitate thousands of homes damaged by high winds. During this time, they became aware of substandard conditions. Eventually the group incorporated to continue the mission of increasing the availability of affordable and safe homes[2].

Block by Block

One of AHIP's offerings is the Block by Block program which provides for loans for rehabilitation of existing structures that are forgiven unless the homeowner sells the house during the term of the loan. [3]


In January 2021, Albemarle County entered into a partnership with Local Energy Alliance Program and Albemarle Housing Improvement Program where the county would fund $250,000 in retrofits for existing county homes to increase energy efficiency. This is a program that came out of Albemarle's Climate Action Plan. [4]

Community Housing

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In December 2010, the Charlottesville Area Community Foundation awarded AHIP 10,000 for the Emergency Home Repair Program[6].

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