Albemarle County School Board (vision)

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All learners believe in their power to embrace learning, to excel, and to own their future.


The core purpose of Albemarle County Public School is to establish a community of learners and learning, through rigor, relevance, and relationships, one student at a time.

Core Values

Excellence - We believe in meaningful learning that stretches people to the frontiers and boundaries of their abilities.

Young People - We believe young people deserve the best we have to offer. Each individual child is capable and has the right to safety, mutual respect, and learning.

Community - We believe in our collective responsibility to work together in a cooperative effort to achieve common goals by building communities of practice, establishing a high quality learning community, and listening to the community.

Respect - We believe in treating all individuals with honor and dignity.

Strategic Goals

I. Prepare all students to succeed as members of a global community and in a global economy

The rapid rise of technology in the late 20th century broke down geographical barriers, creating a global community and economy. In today’s information age, students can expect to collaborate, as well as compete, with people around the world for jobs and business. Lifelong learning represents the skills and attitudes needed to succeed in the multi-cultural, fast-changing global community. Developing graduates capable of acquiring new knowledge at all stages of life and applying it is a necessity.

II. Eliminate the Achievement Gap

Every child possesses potential but children don’t arrive at the public school door with the same level of readiness or support. Gaps in achievement among different groups of students often mirror inequalities in aspects of home circumstances, early life, and school. We must eliminate what factors we can in the school environment to level the playing field so all students have the same chance to pursue their dreams. We are committed to the development of every student’s individual interests, potential, and character. Building relationships, setting high expectations for every student, and providing equal access to high quality learning opportunities will lead to elimination of the achievement gap faced by some of our students.

III. Recruit, retain and develop a diverse cadre of the highest quality teaching personnel, staff, and administrators

To give students the very best learning experience we can offer, our employees must be the best they can be, whether the employee is the teacher in the classroom or the school bus driver. Attracting and retaining high quality personnel and a commitment to building the quality of our own workforce is essential. Competitive compensation packages, comprehensive staff development opportunities for all employees, and effective strategies for increasing the diversity of the workforce play important roles in bringing and keeping the best people in our classrooms and schools to support students.

IV. Achieve recognition as a world-class educational system

To be world class means ranking among the foremost in the world through demonstration of best practices in an industry or field. Being among the world’s best requires constantly asking what can be done to improve our learning organization and then doing it. Through scrutiny of our performance results and the use of data to make decisions, we will make changes to improve our value to our students and stakeholders. A continuous quality improvement model will be utilized to help us identify world class best practices and put them into action here. The Baldrige National Quality Program Education Criteria for Performance Excellence will be the foundation for our continuous quality improvement model.

V. Establish efficient systems for development, allocation, and alignment of resources to support the Division’s vision, mission, and goals

Achieving our goals requires us to make an investment in our collective future by strategically funding teaching and learning innovations, and initiatives that help employees conduct the daily business of the school Division. Aligning our resources to our goals will increase our effectiveness. We will continue to take a hard look at our processes and focus our decisions and resources on our mission. This will drive the actions we take to move our vision for students into reality.


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