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The Albemarle County Department of Fire and Rescue is responsible for fire and rescue in Albemarle County. It is comprised of both volunteer and professional firefighters who work out of 14 stations. Calls for service are handled by the Emergency Communications Center. They are governed by the Albemarle County Fire and Emergency Medical Services Board.

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Emergency Management

The department will take a greater role in emergency management in 2020. Albemarle is moving forward with a proposal to hire its own emergency management coordinator. That role has been played by the Emergency Communications Center. [1]


Albemarle's 14 stations consist of four rescue squad stations that provide emergency medical transport and rescue services and ten fire rescue stations that provide fire protection and suppression and emergency medical non-transport and rescue services.


Charlottesville and Albemarle County periodically bring up the topic of consolidating the two localities' fire departments. In March 2011, a committee made up of members from across the community concluded that merging the two departments would not save any money. [2]

The Matrix Consulting Group produced a report in April 2007 that recommended against a merger or consolidation [3]


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