Albemarle County Declaration of Independence

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On April 21, 1779 a declaration of independence from the British monarchy was signed by numerous prominent citizens of Albemarle County. As of the early twentieth century, the original document was preserved in the rooms of the Virginia Historical Society in Richmond.[1]


We whos names are hereunto subscribed do swear that we renounce and refuse all Allegiance to George the third King of Great Britain, his heirs and successors and that I will be faithfull and bear True Allegiance to the commonwealth of Virginia as a free and independent state, and that I will not at any [time] do or cause to be done, any matter or thing that will be prejudicial or injurious to the freedom and independence thereof as declared by congress and also that we will discover and make known to some one justice of the peace for the said state all treasons or traiterous conspiracies which we now or hereafter shall know to be formed against this or any of the united states of America So help me God.

Signers of the Albemarle County Declaration of Independence
George Gilmer Thomas Jefferson Samuel Bowcock
James Quarles John Harvie David Morris
William Lewis John Coles John Wallace
Richard Anderson James Marks Matthew Maury
Peter Marks John Harris Mask Leake
James Bridget John Jouett Robert Cobbs
John Feilder Nicholas Lewis Thomas Gooch
George Norvell Benjamin Harris James Woods
Nathaniel Haggard Samuel Dedman James Reid
Henry Mullins James Hopkins Benjamin Lacy
Tucker Woodson C. Simms William Tandy Sr.
Isaac Davis James Kerr John Reid
Samuel Taliaferro Michael Wallace Joseph Holt
John Day Randolph Jefferson William L. Bing
Micajah Chiles John Hall Benjamin Jordan
Richard Harper David Allen John Henderson Jr.
William Barton Charles Kerr William Barksdale
John Greer Benjamin Henderson Thomas Thorp
James Wm. Crossthwait Thomas Overton Henry Copeland
R. Dixon Thomas Martin Jr. Richard Goolsby
T. Marshall John Wilkinson Hiram Gaines
Daniel Coleman Benjamin Dod Wheeler John Prince
William Wingfield Peter Jackson Castleton Harper Jr.
Charles Wingfield Henry Heard Daniel Coleman
William Leake John Jouett Jr. William Wingfield
Martin Haggard Isaac Davis Jr. Charles Wingfield
Peter Ballou Philip Mazzei William Leake
Thomas West George Sanders Martin Haggard
William Anderson Richard Gaines Peter Ballou
Thomas Anderson William Briscoe Thomas Fentress
Joseph Neilson William Carroll James McManus
William Colvard Robert Sharp Sr. Samuel Rea
William Fossett Robert Sharp Jr. Abraham Eades
Edward Moore Charles Lewis Jr. John Fentress
William Hays David G. Mosby William Sorrow
Edward Butler Isham Lewis William Fry
R. Davenport Jr. Henry Ford Charles Goodman
William Irvin, V.D.M. William Sandridge Joseph Lamb
Jason Bowcock William Chenault John Bailey
Henry Shelton Thomas Musick Roland Horsley
James Minor Samuel Huckstep Richard Harvie
Anderson Bryan Jacob Oglesby Alexander McKinzie
John Fitzpatrick John Wood Robert Thompson Jr.
John Stockton Thomas Collins John Kirby
Josiah Wood Arthur Graham John Black
William Flannagan Thomas Morgan William Pilson
Peter Ferguson Charles Hudson Robert Pilson
Nathaniel McAllister William Jeffers James Epperson
John Henderson Jr. Richard Scott John Lott
John Lewis Sr. Bernis Brown Richard Sharp
W. Langford William Statham Robert Burrus
Peter Burrus Stephen Hughes Jr. Henry Randolph
John Tandy Horsley Goodman William McGhee
Richard Goodall William Shelton Samuel Karr
Spencer Norvell Littlebury Sullivan Samuel McCord
Orlando Jones Castleton Harper Sr. William Karr
Stat. Morris John Newcomb William Ramsay
William Michie Samuel Bing David Nimmo
Thomas Craig Richard Carter William Reynolds
John McCulloch John Wingfield Richard Watson
Charles L. Lewis Henry Hooper Shadrach Reynolds
William Johnson Nicholas Hamner Daniel Reynolds
Zachariah Mills Joseph Terrell Francis Browning
John Thomas Daniel Goolsby William Rannald
William Hopkins Richard Davenport Abraham Gollan
Clough Shelton Charles Tucker William Cleveland
Samuel Woodson William Hitchcock James Bird
William Ballard Francis Hodge his  
Thomas Jameson X John Kirby Jr.
George Mann his mark mark  
Daniel Miller Francis Taliaferro 21 Apl 1779


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