5th Street Ridge McIntire Multimodal Corridor Study

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In 2017, the city of Charlottesville began a study of existing traffic conditions along a roadway that changes names three times as it travels north-south through the center of the city. The 5th Street-Ridge-McIntire Multimodal Corridor Study is intended to inform future projects to increase pedestrian safety.es arise in the future. [1]

The study area includes the following six (6) signalized intersections and five (5) unsignalized intersections: • 5th Street and Harris Road (signalized) • 5th Street and Cleveland Avenue • 5th Street and Brookwood Drive • 5th Street and Bailey Road • 5th Street and unnamed apartment entry • 5th Street and Old Ridge Road • 5th Street, Ridge Street, Cherry Avenue, and Elliott Avenue (signalized) • Ridge Street and Monticello Avenue (signalized) • Ridge Street, Ridge-McIntire Road, West Main Street, South Street and Water Street (signalized) • Ridge-McIntire Road, McIntire Road, Preston Avenue, and Market Street (signalized) • McIntire Road and Harris Street (signalized)

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