2016 Albemarle County bond referendum

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Albemarle County bond referendum logo

The 2016 Albemarle County bond referendum was a ballot measure that allowed the county to issue $35 million in general obligation bonds in order to finance school improvement projects for county public schools. The Albemarle County Board of Supervisors projected a 1.3 cent increase to the real estate tax rate to repay the bonds with added interest over about 20 years.

Voter education efforts

The Board of Supervisors approved $42,000 in expenditures to provide county residents information about the referendum with educational mailers, fact sheets, advertisements and legal notices.[1]


The referendum passed with 40,193 votes (73.52%) in favor and 14,480 (26.48%) against on November 8, 2016.[2]

Projects funded

Money from the bonds will fund:

  • A $15.2 million addition, modernization, renovation project at Woodbrook Elementary.
  • $10.9 modernization of 100+ classrooms and science labs across the county.
  • $6.0 modernization of seven science labs at Western Albemarle High School, and add three new labs.
  • $2.9 million in school security improvements across the district.


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