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  • January 18Steve Sellers becomes Albemarle police chief [1]
  • May 4 – Albemarle Supervisor Ken Boyd states his opposition to ICLEI membership and the Cool Counties initiative, out of concern that continued participation would have a negative impact on citizens by influencing their behavior. [2] [3]
  • June 2 – Chairwoman of the Jefferson Area Tea Party holds press conference to express concern that some sustainability initiatives constitute a "radical political agenda that strives to impose big government-style central planning under the guise of well-intentioned environmentalism." [4]
  • June 8 – Albemarle Board of Supervisors votes 4-2 to withdraw from ICLEI [5]
  • August 28Sentara Martha Jefferson Hospital officially moves to new facility on Pantops [6]
  • October 27 – A four month NBC12 investigation uncovered major problems with the US Postal Service in central Virginia. An audit of the Sandston Processing and Distribution Center rated the new plant as the least efficient in the country in its first two years. In 2010, 156 million pieces of mail were not delivered on time. Images from inside the plant show delayed mail sitting in a staging area back in June of this year. Another picture from March 9 shows standard mail in a basket. That mail was two weeks old and still hadn't left the post office.[7]




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