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This article is a date listing important or significant events that happened (or will happen) on events for the year 1970


  • March 3 – City Council holds referendum on merger with Albemarle County. [1]
  • April 13 – Richmond City Council voted 8 to 1 to approve Ordinance No. 70-89-97 and the Redevelopment Plan for the Fulton Urban Renewal Area. Under the Fulton Urban Renewal Plan the Richmond Redevelopment and Housing Authority bought properties up and tore them down after securing about $32 million in federal grants. Some of the funds were intended to help property owners revitalize existing homes that were structurally sound, most families took the city's relocation package — which included up to $15,000 and a new home in a new neighborhood — and moved out. In 1964, as part of a Charlottesville's redevelopment program, Vinegar Hill was razed.
  • September 15Farmington listed on the National Register of Historic Places [2]
  • DecemberDowntown Charlottesville Inc. presents the mall idea to the City Council. [3]




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