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  • January 2 – The city’s frustration in the face of the eleventh-hour construction boom in the annexation area ended this morning as City Council slapped a stop-work order on the newest section of Charlottesville at the site of a 14-unit apartment in Meadows subdivision northwest of the U.S. 29-250 bypass intersection.[1]
  • March 25 – The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. spoke on the cause of civil rights to about 800 students, faculty and community members assembled at the University of Virginia in Old Cabell. “The law cannot change the heart, but it can retrain hardness,” he commented. King was invited to speak by UVA’s student chapter of the Virginia Council on Human Relations. [2]
  • October 1Louisa County Board of Supervisors vote to buy school borrowing proposal before the county's electorate. [3]
  • October 7Fluvanna County Board of Supervisors authorizes public hearing for a $100 tax on "carnivals, sideshows, menageries, speedways, and trained animal acts." [4]
  • October 8Stanardsville Mayor J.R. Breeden reports that the water level in the town reservoir is beginning to fill up. [5]
  • October 28 – Charlottesville Superintendent George C. Tramontin tells attendees of the Johnson Elementary School Parent-Teacher Association that passage of the $3.5 million bond referendum was crucial and warned that otherwise classes would have to be opened up in church basements. [6]
  • November 5 – Charlottesville voters approve a proposal to implement water fluoridation. [7]
  • November 12 – Governor Albertis S. Harrison Jr. allows two General Assembly committees to review his proposal for a replacement for the poll tax requirement to vote in federal elections. This is in advance of a special session that would be held a week later. At the time, a federal Constitutional amendment to ban the poll tax was nearing ratification. [8]
  • November 12 – Albemarle School Superintendent Paul H. Cale addresses a nine person committee charged with studying future building needs for the county. County officials did not have information about the future of Burley High School which was still a school for Black pupils for both Albemarle and Charlottesville. That was the subject of a lawsuit. Dr. Lorin A. Thompson, director of the University of Virginia's Bureau of Population and Economic Research, stated that a shared school system might be a better solution. [9]
  • December 31John W. (Billy) Williams, whose name has been in speculation as a possible candidate for City Council in the 1964 election, said today that he doesn’t plan to seek election. Williams term on the Albemarle Board of Supervisors ends at midnight. His home is in the area annexed by the city in 1962, so he would be eligible to seek city office after expiration of his term as a county official. Many of those who elected him to the county office are – along with him – now city residents through annexation.[10]




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