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  • May 23 – Charlottesville holds referendum on whether Cox's Row area of town should become a public housing site[1]
  • August 29 – Councilman Thomas J. Michie resigned after his appointed as a United States District Judge for the Western District of Virginia.
  • August 31John Robert Ponton elected to the Office of Councilman by the Council to fill the term of Judge Thomas J. Michie, expiring August 31, 1962.[2]
  • November 11 – Both Charlottesville Police Chief J.E. Adams and Municipal Judge Allan N. Spitzer said they had received no formal complaints of police brutality following demonstrations at the University of Virginia. A letter to the editor published the day before claimed that "the Charlottesville police behaved like the typical sadistic small town police who are often objects of ridicule and laughter, but let me assure you that it is no joke." [3]
  • November 13Charlottesville Planning Commission meets on a rare Monday night in order to make quorum. They consider a request from R.E. Lee and Son to allow building and masonry contractors in B-2 business zones. They wanted to build a garage and tool room at its offices at the corner of Preston Avenue and Tenth Street. They also took up a request to add 66 lots to the Azalea Gardens neighborhood south of Harris Road. [4]


  • January 23Susie Smith dies of a heart attack in Albemarle County and is later buried in a family cemetery in Eastham. Raised in Stony Point, Smith had worked as a chamber maid for the Valentine family in Charlottesville and had her portrait photograph included within the Holsinger Studio Collection. This image would later be featured in the “Visions of Progress: Portraits of Dignity, Style and Racial Uplift” exhibit that was organized by Professor John Edwin Mason of the UVA Corcoran Department of History and was on display at the Albert and Shirley Small Special Collections Library from 2022 to 2023.



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