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  • October 21Albemarle County Board of Supervisors discuss whether to support an effort to repeal a state law requiring a referendum to implement a zoning ordinance. [1]
  • November 3 – Election Day in Virginia with a contested legislative race but no contested races in Charlottesville. For the House of Delegates seat that covered Charlottesville, incumbent Democrat Henry B. Gordon faced Republican Thomas Wylie. [2]
  • November 10 – The very first Mason-Dixon Intercollegiate Pipe-Smoking Championship is held at Madison Hall sponsored by the Cavalier Daily. The winner was second-year medical student James T. Gillespie who lasted one hour, 39 minutes, and 52 seconds. This beat the time of Walter Bossert, a student at Columbia University. Bossert blamed the southern air for his loss. [3]


  • August 31 Maurice Franklin Greaver (age 67), Chief of Police for the City of Charlottesville for twenty-seven years. [4]
  • December 11 – Following an ailment being caused by an internal rupture, Seal (the second unofficial canine mascot of the UVA football team) is put down by a local veterinarian named Dr. W.B. White.



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