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  • January 19 – Councilman Gus K. Tebell cast the only dissenting vote when Council adopted a resolution calling on the General Assembly to enact an amendment to the City Charter to reduce the size of the City School Board from the present 12 to seven members. Member of the board will be selected from the city at large under; the proposed charter change, but at no time will any one ward be left without representation.[1]
  • March 13 – “Fray’s Mill at Advance Mills, north of the city, was destroyed by fire early today and a member of the family died after seeing the flames and collapsing.” - The Daily Progress, March 13, 1948
  • April 21 – Game and soil experts plant the area's first wild life protection demonstration areas on the farm of Wilson D. Michie on U.S. 29 seven miles south of Charlottesville. [2]
  • April 23Seth Burnley resigned as City Manager and Purchasing Agent for Charlottesville, effective June 1, 1948. He accepted an invitation to be the City Manager of the City of Staunton.[3]
  • June 8 – Voters in Charlottesville went to the polls to elect three members of City Council in the 1948 election.
  • July 19Mincer's opens for business on the UVA Corner as Mincer's Humidor and was a tobacco shop. [4]
  • November 2 – Tuesday, the 1948 United States presidential election was held. In one of the greatest election upsets in American history, incumbent President Harry S. Truman, the Democratic nominee, defeated Republican Governor Thomas E. Dewey. Out of 3,367 total votes cast, Charlottesville gave 1,527 to Truman and 1,419 for Dewey.
  • November 20 – The Southern Conference for Human Welfare is held at Madison Hall at the University of Virginia and a group was expected to express support for President Harry Truman's proposed civil rights program. Speakers included the Reverend Malcolm R. Sutherland, Jr. of the Thomas Jefferson Unitarian Church, the Reverend Benjamin F. Bunn of the First Baptist Church on West Main Street. [5]


  • January 19William Hurley dies in Orange County, Virginia. A stablehand and worker at the Hotel Albemarle (then known as the Gleason Hotel), Hurley provided a testimony at the murder trial of J. Samuel McCue and had his portrait photograph prominently featured in the “Visions of Progress: Portraits of Dignity, Style and Racial Uplift” exhibit of Rufus W. Holsinger's photos that was on display at the Albert and Shirley Small Special Collections Library from 2022 to 2023.



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