1930 election

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City Council

On June 10, Dr. W. Dan Haden and Fred W. Twyman, candidates of the City Democratic Committee, defeated S. F. Hamm and Miss Evelyn Show, Independent, for membership of the city commission (city council). Mr. Twyman lead the ticket with 677, Dr. Haden polling second with 633, while Mr. Hamm and Miss Shaw poled 439 and 217 voters respectively. Mr. Twyman succeeded himself, reoccupying the seat which he had held since creating of the commission plan. This was Dr. Haden’s first public office. He succeeded John R. Morris who declined re-nomination.

The new commission took office September 1, 1930. According to the Daily Progress, The total ballots probably being about half of that which was cast in the gubernatorial election of fall 1929. The three other members of the commission whose terms did not expire this year were Mayor Jury Y. Brown, E. A. Joachim and Fred L. Watson.

1930 Democratic Primary

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