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This article is a date listing important or significant events that happened (or will happen) on events for the year 1925


  • January 2 – The Albemarle Telephone Company has had a busy year in the enlargement of its cable and telephone plant, said Mr. F. W. Twyman, president of the Company, when interviewed this morning by a Daily Progress reporter. When work on Main Street is completed, the company will not have a pole on Main Street from its office on Market Street to the University Corner.[1]
  • August 31 – A special meeting of the city council was held this night for the purpose of acting on the resignation of the City Manager Boyd A. Bennett, who had accepted a similar position in Bluefield, W. Va. As reported in the Daily Progress a few day prior, Bennett will also receive a larger compensation than the City of Charlottesville is able to pay.[2]
  • September 1 – Conforming to the requirement the city council met this evening for the purposes of reorganization. E. A. Joachim, mayor, resigned, and J. Y. Brown was elected president of the council, and by virtue of his position became the new mayor of the city. John R. Morris continued as vice-president of the council until the expiration of his term on September 1, 1926. [3]
  • September 2 – Yesterday, the Daily Progress announced the Municipal Band would hold a concert this evening in Lee Park at 8 o’clock. The program to be a duplicate of the rendering before the State Firemen’s Convention in Newport News the previous week, when the band won the prize offered on that occasion.
  • October 3Jefferson Theater reopens after a remodel [4]
  • November 30 – Planning continues for the 100th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence with Charlottesville hoping to take the lead. [5]





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