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  • January 26 – Supreme Court of Appeals denies a final request from J. Samuel McCue, a former Charlottesville Mayor convicted of murdering his wife [1]
  • April 13Edwin A. Alderman, First president of the University of Virginia, formally inaugurated (Thomas Jefferson's birthday, celebrated as Founder's Day). Alderman had begun serving in the fall of 1904.
  • May 11 – The seventh annual session of the newly formed Baptist General Association (Colored) of Virginia was held at the First Baptist Church (colored) on West Main Street. The meeting opened at 9:30 o’clock with Rev. by pastor R. C. Quaries, D. D. “Captain Micajah Woods, of the city delivered a most masterly address of welcome on the part of the city government. He referred to the relations between the races in this section as being the most peaceful and pleasant…a standing vote of thanks was tendered him. Dr. John B. Turpin of the First Baptist church (white) spoke…” [2]
  • November 30 – President and Mrs. Roosevelt, and an entourage of seven or eight guests, traveled through Charlottesville on a Southern Railway train this afternoon on their way to Pine Knot. [3]


  • December 1 – Marking the last execution in Charlottesville, former mayor J. Samuel McCue hanged this day at the for shooting and killing his wife Fannie Crawford McCue on September 4, 1904 at their home at 501 Park Street. The supposed rope used to hang McCue resides in the University of Virginia Alderman Library’s archives. [4] The original trial records, including a diagram of the crime scene, are located in the City's clerk’s office.
  • December 10Robert D. Ballantine, owner of Edgehill in Albemarle County, commits suicide at the age of 35 in Newark, New Jersey. The Daily Progress reports he had been blackmailed by three people from Charlottesville, where had spent ten years of his life. The ashes of two letters were found in the room where he shot himself. [5]



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