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  • May 23 – Municipal elections held in Charlottesville. [1] At the time the city had four wards but all four Councilors were unopposed in this election.


“The first alarm was at about half past ten oclock” (10:15 a.m.)…only the scorched brick shell of the Rotunda remained standing; Robert Mills' Annex, the University's main classroom building, was a smoldering ruin; and two-thirds of the University Library's collection was destroyed. [3]



  • July 29John Barbee Minor, an American jurist. Born in 1813, he practiced law in Virginia and then taught at the University of Virginia School of Law for fifty years. Minor Hall, occupied by the law school from 1911 to 1932, was named after him. The University of Virginia School of Law established a John B. Minor professorship in Law and History. Minor was laid to rest in the University of Virginia Cemetery and Columbarium.



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