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  • September - The Virginia Woman's Christian Temperance Union (WCTU) founded. Chapters in the towns of Charlottesville, Alexandria and Staunton were the first to join.



  • March 7 - Mr. John O. Massie, a highly esteemed citizen of Charlottesville, Va., and his wife were murdered in their own house this Tuesday night by some person or persons unknown.[1]
  • October 1 - Jim Rhodes, the alleged murderer of the old couple, John O. Massie and wife, of Albemarle, who were murdered on the night of the 7th of last March, had been arrested at Newport, Cocke county, Tennessee, and had been brought to Charlottesville, Va.[2]
  • October 2 - James Rhodes, the alleged murderer of Mr. and Mrs. John O. Massie, was taken from the Albemarle jail this morning, about 1 o'clock, by a party of masked men and hung to the limb of an oak tree on the farm of Capt. Thomas L. Farish, in a field on the Free Bridge road, about half way from the town of Charlottesville to the Bridge. It is said the party consisted of probably one hundred and fifty men. They compelled the jailer to give up the keys, and about fifty of the party then went to the jail, and took the prisoner out. Two members of the Monticello Guard were on duty as guards in the jail yard, but surrendered to the overwhelming force. The Commonwealth's Attorney, Capt. Woods, was aroused, and followed the party, ordering them to disperse, but was not allowed to cross a certain line which was picketed.[3]




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