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  • April 4: During the period of Reconstruction, 1865–1870, the commanding general of the military district of Virginia named the governor and the lieutenant governor. Francis H. Pierpont was removed from office as governor and replaced by Henry H. Wells, an ex-soldier for Michigan who took the title of provisional governor of Virginia from 1868 to 1869. Wells began his administration on a bold note by sweeping all state, county and municipal officials out of office.
  • April: Mayor C. L. Fowler, aldermen A. P. Abell, E. S. H. Wise, W. A. Watson, R. F. Harris and J. W. Lipops were removed from office by General J. M. Schofield, the military commander of the district of which Charlottesville was a part.
  • April 20: T. W. Savage, Mayor, with a new set of corporation officers, have been appointed for the Town of Charlottesville by General J. M. Schofield.
  • September: Mayor T. W. Savage was arraigned before a Union lieutenant on charges of having declared himself to be a military dictator of the town. Savage was acquitted.






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