1500 Carlton Avenue

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1500 Carlton Ave
Location Carlton Ave
Type R-3
Lot Size 6.4600
Non-Residential State Code: 3.0 Multi-Family

1500 Carlton Avenue is a 6.46 acre parcel in eastern Charlottesville in the Belmont-Carlton Neighborhood very close to a border with a landlocked section of Albemarle County. It is owned by an entity called "BOLTON, SHIRLEY W, TRUSTEE, ETAL" and has a 2020 assessment of $2.4 million.

The 2013 Future Land Use Map called for this land to be High Density Residential.

Base information

Location Map, 1500 Carlton Ave


Note: Once accepted by the governing body, proffers become part of the zoning regulations applicable to the land and they run with the land until it is rezoned (there are exceptions). The Albemarle County Land Use Law Handbook Kamptner/July 2019

Legal description

City of Charlottesville, TRACTS 2 & 3 BK 9 CARLTON (Belmont)

Adjacent properties

Ownership History

Bolton Family (since 1975)

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