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10th & Page


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10th & Page is a Charlottesville neighborhood named for a street intersection near the center of the neighborhood.

The 10th and Page neighborhood is one of Charlottesville's most compact neighborhoods, consisting of 83.86 acres[1].


The City has worked with the Piedmont Housing Alliance to purchase thirteen single family homes for renovation. Some of these properties have been resold to individual families in the hopes of increasing a family-oriented neighborhood.[1]

Geographical features

At one point, Schenck's Branch ran openly ran through the neighborhood until a child drowned and it was covered up[1]. 9th Street was at one point called Alfonso Street.

Prominent residents


1957 map of street system before urban renewal projects to reduce access

In the spring of 2016, the city of Charlottesville is adjusting the roadway as part of a project funded through the federal Community Development Block Grant program.


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