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Charlottesville City Council approved a special use permit on July 5, 2017 for the Great Eastern Management Company to build a large apartment at 1011 East Jefferson Street. [1] The site is currently home to a doctor's office. [2]

The property is located within the city's B-1 zoning district, which allows for many different kinds of uses. A special-use permit is required for the residential density requested by GEMC. Many nearby residents protested this increase. [3]

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  • March 15, 2016: Community meeting at architect's office
  • October 11, 2016: Planning Commission public hearing [4]
  • July 5, 2017: Council votes 3-2 to approve permit [1]
  • Kuly 5, 2018: Little High Neighborhood Association files lawsuit


Neighbors sued City Council over the approval.[5] Charlottesville has argued that the suit was filed beyond a 30 day deadline following Councils action.[6]


Coordinates:Erioll world.svg.png 38°01′48″N 78°28′19″W / 38.029874°N 78.472004°W / 38.029874; -78.472004


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