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0 East High Street is the name of a defunct project proposed in the City of Charlottesville that would have built 245 units in three apartment buildings on land within the flood plain, with vehicular access to High Street and Caroline Avenue.

Charlottesville bought the property from to Southern Ventures LLC for $5.9 million, an entity connected to the United Land Corporation. Seven Development had been expected to be the contract purchaser of the property but the City of Charlottesville has indicated it will buy the land for $5.9 million. [1]

The city's Office of Economic Development will be in charge of leasing the property to businesses such as the Rivanna River Company.


Under the old zoning code, the property had multiple zoning categories including a section that extends out to Caroline Avenue that is zoned residential. The area where the buildings would go is zoned for business use while a section that connects to East High Street is zoned Central City Corridor.

Building A would have 45 units and the foundation would be at 334 feet above sea level (FFE). Building B would have 60 units and be at 335 feet. Building C would have 140 units and also would be at 335 feet. The plans call for the importation of fill dirt to bring the building out of the floodplain. [2]

Another partner in the project had been Selwyn Property. [3]

0 East High Site Plan.jpeg

0 East High Street
Use Type Apartments
Lot Size 22 acres (7 acre disturbance area)
Gross Floor Area 322,000sf
Building Height 45 feet
Residential units 245 units
Parking 317 spaces (surface)
Development Firm Seven Development, LLC
Engineer Shimp Engineering
Approval Process By-Right
Application # P22-0079


An organization calling itself the Free Bridge Floodplain Advocacy Group formed in October 2022 to try to stop the planned development. On October 4, 2022, their attorney Hank Perritt submitted a Petition for Reconsideration to FEMA to attempt to overturn the 2021 Letter of Map Revision that altered the floodplain boundaries, enabling the project.



File:Petition For Reconsideration - LOMR 21-03-0301P.pdf|Petition For Reconsideration submitted to FEMA File:50-144-Preliminary-SP (08-05-2022).pdf|Preliminary Site Plan submitted on August 5, 2022 File:2022-0 E High St GIS map2.JPG|View of property outline, October 2022 (Source: City GIS Viewer) File:2022-0 E High St vicinity map.JPG|Vicinity Map File:50-144-Prelim-SP-Submit-2 (12-07-2022) opt (1).pdf|Preliminary Site Plan dated December 7, 2022 (2nd submission) File:50-144-Prelim-SP (02-17-2023).pdf|Preliminary Site Plan submitted on February 17, 2023 (3rd submission) File:20230808-0-East-High-Street-Staff-Report.pdf|Staff report for compliance of proposed public facilities with the Comprehensive Plan</gallery>


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